“The Man With A Body Of A Baby.” The Fate Of Gregory Who Only Has A Head

People don’t fall in love with each other because of their looks. Every person dreams of meeting a soul mate on their way. But in most cases, people still turn their attention to attractive people who do not have defects and health problems. It turns out that sincerely falling in love with a person with flaws in appearance, and then creating a family with him, overcoming difficulties together is not so easy. Anna is one of the few girls who were able to do this.

Anna met Grigory on social networks. At first, young people simply corresponded. Already at this stage, Anna understood that she had met a kindred soul on her way. What Gregory looks like outwardly, the girl did not yet know. Their first date took place only sometime after talking on the Internet. The young man did not know how the girl would react to the fact that he is the owner of the body of a “baby”. Gregory was born with this defect. With age, only the head of a young man passed into the “adult state”, and the body remained childish.

When Anna first saw Gregory, she did not change her attitude toward him. The girl realized that he was the very person with whom she would like to connect her fate. For some time, young people met, and then Grigory proposed to Anna. The girl agreed. They registered their marriage and got married.”The man with the body of a baby” approached the creation of a family very responsibly. He earns money and fully supports his wife and son. The boy was born healthy, without any abnormalities. He did not inherit his father’s disease. Now the family has moved into a large apartment purchased under a mortgage.

Anna never regretted that she had connected her life with a person with a similar feature. The girl always believed that it was first of all important to pay attention to the inner component of a person, and not to his appearance. The girl was convinced of her opinion when she met Gregory. Despite his physical handicap, he turned out to be a real man and a worthy husband.

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