Unsuccessful celebrity images that they would have exchanged for a significant sum of money: “This is a real cringe.”

Celebrities constantly strive for perfection, yet there is always a photographer taking photos at the most awkward times.


A shot that was taken in 2013 during Beyoncé’s performance at the sporting event served as the inspiration for numerous memes. The singer did not like the image and even filed an appeal with the court to get it removed. But whatever emerges online stays there forever.

Bieber, Justin

An terrible occurrence involving Justin Bieber occurred in 2012. During the concert, he puked. Backstage, they were able to organize him, but as soon as he entered the theater, the same thing occurred once more. The pictures, however, were already taken.

Kardashian, Kim

In 2017, a paparazzi snapped a picture from a very unfavorable angle. You can actually see it.

Vanessa Beckham

In 2015, the wife of a well-known football player struggled to stand during a gathering. The pants were also damp.

Nicki Minaj

Nikki’s life was commemorated through a picture in 2014. The boundary between the foot and the fifth point is depicted. The singer, however, disputes that she underwent a medical procedure.

Aguilera Christina

Brown liquid flowed down Christina’s legs while she performed at the singer Etta James’ funeral. She had a self-tan, it was later discovered.

Angelina Jolie

For Angelina, the showdown with Brad Pitt was challenging. She appeared horribly tortured. Her skinny wrists weren’t even covered by her clothing.

Ryan, Meg

Celebrities should constantly exercise caution when posing for such images.

Whitney Port

When the actress saw the pictures of herself squeezing her zits in the car, she became quite enraged.


Don’t you believe that becoming famous is not so simple?

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